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A little cute goes along way...

I was ironing this morning and thought to myself:

Self, you are lookin' pretty dang cute today. You should take a picture and blog this cuteness.

So I did.

I should have ironed the adorable cocktail apron before I took the pic but ya know the moment would have been lost. I just had to roll with it.

I just love no, lurrve, my flirty little blue apron. It makes doing my chores so much more fun.


Reader, do you have a favourite apron? One that you don to help scare away those doldrums of housework?


  1. THAT is one cute little adorable apron!!

    Alas...I have no more aprons, yet. I used to have all of my gram's aprons, but they burned in a fire that we had a few years back, and just haven't gotten around to getting some more...but one day.....

    Thanks for sharing yours!

  2. Wish I had a favorite apron...*sniff sniff*
    I do have a favorite kitchen towel... does that count? It's got little apples on it and some really gross unidentified brown stains. VERY feminine and classy.

  3. SWEET apron! Very flirty.
    I do have a favorite apron... the one you're sending me. Ha! But for now (hey, I just remembered that, ok? I had to throw it in) for now... my favorite is the one I attempted to make. I love it because I MADE it and it's what I LIKE! Who knew? Maybe I should take up sewing?

  4. Lex,
    You apron is STILL in the works. I need one more piece of accent fabric. I have been scouring the thrift stores in search of that one true fabric. LOL!

    Rest assured that you will get the apron by Christmas. I think. Har. Har.
    Love ya!

  5. You are adorable! I've never owned an apron. I have been trying to win one online for about a year, lol.

  6. Love your apron, mine is very plain and white (with various spills on it)but I just may have to find a different one. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  7. You know my favorite apron. If it's not in the wash, it's on me! Chocolate brown, vintage feedsack material with pink and orange flowers. Two pockets for the phone and a tissue. So practical AND cute!

  8. i LOVE it! Did you make it????

    I have this awesome apron, that my totally cool friend and college roommate made me. I wear it pretty much daily. :)

  9. Misty,
    You have such cool friends! :)

  10. i have three different vintage gingham numbers and they all cheer me up. :^)


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