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Fall frenzy

This year, more than others, we are "putting up" all sorts of produce for the winter months. This has taken over all nonexistent free time I had pre-canning season. Thus the sketchy blogging.

Yesterday my mother called me to see why I hadn't blogged. Hmm. I imagined all of my other readers calling me also.

Katie, yes, Hello. Are you planning on blogging in this century??.... ...Oh, really? You are trying to botulize your family? Well that's nice. Blog soon..mmmK! Ta-ta for now!

((Silly, I know. I can't help but be funny, it's all the fermenting grape fumes....or maybe it's the corn or the apples.....oh who knows. I am done being funny.))

Moving right along.

I have been swimming in fruits and veggies for a few weeks now but the pantry doesn't seem to be filling up. These little monsters that roam the farm eat a jar of jam at one setting. They devour 2 quarts of green beans with dinner. At this rate I will never get the pantry stocked for winter. And with this "economy"....ugh.

If I am absent from blogdom, just know that I haven't given up on blogging, I am just busy beyond measure, enjoying this fall frenzy and I will hopefully live to blog again another day.

Or some such nonsense.


  1. there will certainly be some rainy days ahead... save up your blogging time for then

  2. Those are luscious looking grapes. Hang in there.

  3. I JUST WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW MY WIFE ROCKS! Your photography has become something special, and I am so impressed when I see the things I take for granted fresh and beautiful thru your lens.

  4. Jam! I haven't made jam in years. I too could swallow a whole jar in a sitting. Keep canning!

  5. Me too! I wrap up canning (i think) tomorrow... I may head out to the fruit farm over the weekend and get more. we'll see. I love it...

  6. I don't do as much canning as I used to, but your photos and words brought back very warm memories. Oh yes, warm. Like canning peaches in 95 degree weather!

  7. A girl can dream... or just live vicariously through you!!!

    Yes, the pictures are amazing!!


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