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Love/Hate relationship

I have issues. Yeah, yeah, don't we all. BUT...These issues are ragged and painful and more often than not get me in big trouble with the man I share my life with.

I am going to share but don't take offense at my opinions, friends, as they are just that, mine. Mine and mine alone. Don't harbor ill will for me if you don't agree, just do as any good girlfriend would do and shake your head and say .....'oh, you poor thing'...MmmK?!


I am a pretty easy going gal. I maintain calm on all levels most of the time. There are few things that make by blood boil. Very few issues, bring up the bile. That is, until, you turn on the computer/video games. Let me tell you, I get full on vehement, when the games go on.

My man is a gamer. A game-a-bob. He is passionate about video games. He wastes spends all of his free time on video games. He flies planes, sails ships, spawns and morphs. For hours on end. Daily. Well, to be fair almost daily.


We are a one computer family and my blogging only suffers a little.

Call me crazy. And hypocritical, really, it's OK for me to have computer time but not anyone else in the family. well yeah That isn't the case really. If my family were writing/researching instead of just gaping at the computer, I wouldn't mind. As much. It's just that I hate, HATE!! video games with a passion. Name anything about them and I guarantee that I abhor it.

Ay, there's the rub.

My hubby loves. LOVES. his video games.

This breaks my heart. My heart, that was born in the wrong century. Obviously.

So, call me old fashioned or technically challenged. Or both. But, the whole idea behind video games, makes me sick. For crying out loud, if you want to "play"(virtually) golf with your kid, then for Pete's sake take the kid out to play golf. You want to fight and kill and sneak around in the dark hunting things.....then get off your a$ and GO do it.

Even the argument of getting a Wii is lost on me. Moot.

'It's a workout! You can bowl. You can dance.'

Well then for the love of God... get up and workout, put a freaking bowling ball in that grubby little hand and go to! Turn up the volume and dance till you can't dance no more!!

Put down the FLIPPING controller and not one gets hurt!


Every day, as I watch my family stare blankly into the screen, I have passionate visions of massive bonfires in my driveway. Fires in which all of the disks, systems and controllers are all exploding into flames. Then, once the ashes have cooled, I will drive over the whole mess in my jacked up Scout, (the one I look so dang cute driving) back and forth till there is nothing but dust left. Then I will hand out the baseball gloves and we will all live happily ever after....

Yeah, I have issues.


  1. Oh, Friend, if you need a place to stay after this blog hits the fan...

    We are a video-game-free household. And we still love you.

  2. oh my dear, i still love you too and I do come from a wii loving home. BUT, in all defense, the WII is the first one I've been supportive of... and here is why:
    - I can't always afford to spend the $30 it costs to go bowling. Nor can we afford the average Tee fees for golfing... Are these on the wii, the same? No. But when Gen and I need a school break, we can pull out the wii and have a friendly match of bowling...
    - there's the wii fit, which really is an incredible workout in the privacy of your own home. It targes more areas of my body than a video does (I hate videos) and it keeps track of my progress, weight and BMI...
    - On a given saturday night we have a house full of teens. Sometimes we play board games and make food. Most of the time Rock Band is brought out because it's fun. I'm a big fan of fun. Esp. when there are a lot of people involved...
    - we have 4 games that are educational in ways that Genny couldn't do otherwise... And the reality is, their generation is going to be even more technological than ours- which frankly is a scary thing...

    BUT our wii is MAYBE used 2-3 times a week. MAYBE. It's been used about 10 times since we were at your house and every one of those were Lucas, the 10 days he was here.

    For the most part, I agree with you: Get up and do something...
    But, the wii is a good compromise.

    Be passionate :)

  3. oh I am the same way. I do not get the appeal of video games.

    (I also suck at them so that might be part of it)

  4. I can tolerate video games to a certain extent. I usually put a timer on. My husband has little patience for my blogs.

    Here is where I get in trouble. My husband will read scriptures and gospel related books for hours. Sometimes I just want to scream "put that book down and talk to me, or your kids, or do the dishes" but then I feel guilty. I mean, really, how many wives have problems with their husbands reading too much scripture? Should I be angry over something that is so inherently good? However, a little moderation please.

  5. I will leave the eloquence to others; (namely misty) the denial to Miriam (I know about stronghold) and my admiration to Toni (truly a wonderful problem to have!)

    I however decline to comment for fear of self incrimination.DD

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  7. Amen sista! I am a computer geek myself and somehow skipped the 'gaming' thing. I freak if my boys play their gameboys and a Lego video game & watch TV in the same day -- we have to adhere to screen time limits ... oh, wait, did I say we? I meant THEY!!! =)

    (reading his comment above -- you also married a really wise man. Happy Wife, Happy Life! )

    Anytime you need a soapbox -- go for it -- I'm all ears (eyes?) Mu-ah!

  8. Oh my GOODNESS - this is something that touches a nerve in our house too. My sweet husband's reasoning is "that's where I get my thinking time". Eh?? When you're shooting up things, or maneuvering landscapes or sorting cards?? How can you think about anything else? And for THAT LONG? And if you're doing all this THINKING then why aren't results happening? hahahaha! Just so you know, I'm thinking about all the stuff I have to get done today - while I'm perusing my favorite blogs. LOL

  9. Thank you ladies for all of your kind words. Thank you DD for your restraint.

    I knew this might be a touchy subject and I went for it anyway. With all of the political hot button posts floating around cyberspace, I thought why not throw something in the mix a little closer to home.

    I wonder what Mrs. Palin thinks about video games??

  10. Oh sorry! I didn't realize that my darling was still signed in when I left the comment above. Just to clarify:

    The last comment from Dick Daring is actually from me, Katie.

  11. Hey DD! *You* gave Stronghold to the EGE. (While he didn't protest.) Hope it all simmers down over there.

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