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Farm Girl Friday

The. SUN. Is. SHINING! The sun IS shining!

This morning I was awakened by streams of light breaking through my window and spashing softly across my face. My first thought was "Get the camera!" I flung back the covers and jumped into some sembalence of clothes and headed for the great outdoors. I spent the next hours lost in the soft morning light, photographing my farmstead flora. Here is just a peek at what is growing.

The first red strawberry in the patch.


Wild rose.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful sun filled weekend!


  1. Hooray for sunshine! I love your photos, very purty! The fig tree is my fave... how cool.

  2. WhooHOoOOo Happy sunshiney day!
    I'm so glad you have a day of SONSHINE and your flora is splendid! I have never grown FIGS before? WOW... and the scent of WILD ROSES is unlike any other! WHO GOT THEE strawberry.... that is what I want to know!* heheoaoaoaaoaoo Bet it didn't make it to thee house did it??
    Have a wonderful day!
    I must go look up thee word
    sembalance.... i would NEVER play scrabble with you. heehee

  3. KL, your pictures are stunning. Your figs are unbelievable and I am so jealous.

    I would play Scrabble with you, and challenge the word! Unless you took out the extra 'a' -- tee-hee!

    Love, miri


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