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Sunshine, blue skies.....

Oh, glory bee. The sun is shining! It is the most bright and sunny day we have had, well for days!

I have a bee in my bonnet to get outside and work the earth. Squish the wet dirt between my toes. Feel the sun on my face.

This bee is going to carry me right out the front door. Yard apron, check. Clippers, gloves, and muck boots, check. Sun hat, check.

Well I'm flying now..........chat with you later.


  1. Wheeee! Have loads of fun and get lots done! I'm going outside right now too, just in case the sun doesn't come back tomorrow.

  2. Hmph. I can't garden until I weed the yard first, and replace the blow-dirt with soil, and finish the garden boxes so the prairie dogs and jackrabbits don't eat everything, and wait for it to cool off some. Maybe next fall.


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