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Flower Power

As it is a stay in your jammies and drink hot cocoa kind of day here, I have struggled all day with what to write about. Nothing seemed to fit with the day. Stories weren't screaming to be written down. I was preoccupied with getting school over with and couldn't even make up a good story. So, I decided on something light & bright. Something to bring a little color to an otherwise dreary day. I know it's a cop-out of sorts, to just post some pictures but at least they are good ones (tooting my own horn) if I do say so myself. These photos are of some of my farm flora.

I hope that you enjoy your little stroll around my farm.

Mystery flower.

Wild Clematis

Wild Pink Columbine

Dewy Oxalis flowers.

My Granny's favorite.
Purple Allium.


  1. Very pretty. Thanks for the uplifting post.

  2. i love them... i'll be there by midnight. Please get my bed ready. Oh wait. you are Q.O.E. best have your royal subjects do it...

  3. I love the mystery flower! It kinda looks like the Exbury Azalea I have.. which doesn't bloom for awhile yet.

    Just found your blog... love it!

  4. Ok Misty, I have had the royal subjects ready your room......

  5. yeah, that's a native azalea alright

    kl's garden is un-freaking-believable

    i am of course jealous

  6. Hmm, maybe I will post some pictures around my property. Unfortunately it will be dried up tumbleweeds, dog poop and flies. I guess I will spare you. Maybe I will come to your place, take pictures, and post them on my blog.


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