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Garbage at it's finest!

Drum roll please...............Here is my highly anticipated (you girls didn't really stay up all night waiting for little ol' me?!) "get real" sewing project. As I stole the idea from my dear friend over at Farm Suite I forfeit all credit.

So in honor of Earth Day here is my feed sack tote. I used a dollar store dog leash for the handles and Viola'. One super cute farm chicky craft. Oh and its good for the environment too~

I was really ticked at blogger and its photo downloading bologna this morning. This one crummy picture is all I could upload. I plan on making another tote with the rest of the bag. Hopefully blogger will have figured out what's going on and I can put up more pictures.

What will the farm chicks think of next??


  1. I LOVE it!The dog leash handle was a stroke of genius. Keep putting up the challenges, willya?

  2. It's wonderful! I see Etsy in your future... hehehe And hey, you could even sell a coordinating dog leash with it!

  3. HEY! Those are some great idea's. My fave being the dog leash. Hey chickie mamma where is your tote? I hear that you have LOTS of feed sacks in the shop....

  4. dog leash's now that's creative! looks fantastic!!!

  5. took me all day to get here...

    Good job! Fabulous! :)

  6. Chickie Mamma isn't doing any sewing of feed bags... she's barely yanking up her own drawers! See my blog - it explains everything. ha!


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