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Why I deserve Knighthood

I have recently received a partial diagnosis for what ails me (ie: why I feel like smashed carp all. the. time.)  I have a severe case of anemia where my body tries to procure much needed red blood cells by pulling immature red cells from my bone marrow. (!) This action results in too many immature red blood cells floating about and terrible bone pain. (!!) It seems I also have no Iron stores to support the growth of those immature little cells. (!!!)

My wonderful-new to me-Naturopath has prescribed a remedy. It is a remedy that shall go down in the history books of Calamity-ville as being momentous. It will be deemed "The remedy that did Mom in".   The monster in question will be forever hailed as the demon Black Lava.

I am to ingest a heaping TABLESPOON of Organic Unsulphered Blackstrap Molasses morning and evening with meals.

To say that a spoonful of molasses is horrid is an understatement. While I try to psych myself up for the task I wonder if the cure is worse than the disease. I soon start to second guess my aliment..."Do I really feel so bad? I mean seriously, people accomplish much with lesser diseases than this...  Mommy?"   I put my lessons in Lamaze breathing to work. I breath several  sharp, quick, shallow breathes before even opening the jar. Pfft. Pfft. Pfft. Once the lid is ajar, I spoon the globby mess towards my face. Pfft.Pfft.PFFFFFT!  Very quickly I stuff the spoon into my mouth, not wanting to drip the gooey mess all over self or kitchen.  It takes me a few moments to pull the spoon away, thus releasing the mass upon my tongue. I grimace. I squint. I stamp my feet, while trying to muster the chutzpah to actually ingest this wonderful goodness.  Quickly  I notice the bitter sting and wanting it gone, I accept my fate and swallow down The Lava. Immediately, my face and body become uncontrollable. My tongue falls right out of my mouth seeking refuge from the torture I have inflicted. My stomach starts to rumble. I feel the mouth sweats beginning. My body starts to convulse in what can only be likened to "The Elaine Dance".  It is a sight to behold.

Once in the morning... Once at night... People?!? I should start a comedy show and charge admission. Perhaps I'd make enough money for a better cure.

Week in the Life 2014: Sunday

Sunday: The Lord's Day. Sunday is a day for a little more introspection. A little more story.

Sunday is a mix of work, rest and play. The children rest and play. The husband leads worship and teaches an adult Sunday School and an evening class for middle school age through young adult. Sunday's always feel rushed and over long to me. The kids rushing off to Sunday School and Children's Church then off to play with friends for the afternoon, then back to church again for the evening. My husband's schedule only differs slightly: rushing to and fro, teaching and prepping.

Sunday's feel lonely to me. Lately I have been staying home from church while all my family rushes off. I think I am done rushing and just need a true day of rest.

We have a new minister at our little church on the hill. He just happened to grow up in the same town as myself. I am finding it hard to make any connection other than this. He is an inspiring speaker and very kind but I am feeling very reserved. I am suffering such ambiguity about church right now. I am tired of smiling sweetly at people I see once a week if that, and nodding hellos. I am tired of all of the falseness of it all. Everything done on cue. Everyone safely in "their" pew. The same songs over and over because someone made a comment about the songs once upon a time. I told someone last week, as I choked up with tears, that I have actually come to dread Church...what kind of person dreads the Bride of Christ? It has me tossed and torn.






Week in the Life 2014: Saturday

Saturday was deliciously relaxed. My girls and I snuggled on the couch, ignoring the laundry pile, laughing hysterically at a game on Fidget's tablet called My Talking Tom. It was so silly. We would laugh, Talking Tom would copy our laughter and we would laugh more. It was totally ridiculous!

We managed to squeeze in a few house chores. My two favorite shots of the day are: the one above where my youngest child slavishly washes the hand wash items (at this point in the photo he's been "working" for nearly an hour and  has washed 4 items, I caught him making farting noises), and the one below where my youngest daughter has been "cleaning" the bathroom for an hour and when I checked on her this is what I found.  Mercy.

My hubby brought me home some newspaper clippings. I think he'd like some soup :)

Hunting caps left  on the dining room table.

I think I have a drinking problem. I had three different beverages sitting at my elbow: lemon ice water, OJ, and a Ginger Beer. I don't like soda pop, it always leaves a nasty chemical taste; I do love fizzy drinks and this natural Ginger Beer is soooo tasty.

Fern had a babysitting gig so it was just the little's, hubby and I for the evening. It was such a rarity that we made an event of it. The little's chose dinner and picked a special movie. 
Fidget and daddy made dinner. In my opinion, the best dinner is one I don't have to cook! We had loaded taters, chicken sausages and salad. 

After dinner, the two youngest, hubby and I snuggled down for a Hobbit marathon. 

Ah...Hobbit feet.

Week in the Life 2014: Friday

The morning was ushered in with a homemade breakfast treat of biscuits and gravy made by the man of the house whilst the lady snoozed-cozy in her bed.  After the house was roused and the bellies filled, the boys left for a hunting excursion. Us big girls caught up on our current favorite T.V. drama (Reign-who could resist seeing "Anne" actress Megan Fellows play an evil queen?) and Fidget played.

We all napped the afternoon away and too soon it was time to dress for Harvest Halloween fun!

This was an abnormal Halloween. Normally we help set up and attend our local Harvest Party hosted by our little church.  This year as we have new leadership this event fell by the way side. All was not lost, new venues were sought out, we caught up with old friends, ate too much sugar and had an all around good time.

Also abnormal was the clear weather. After the torrential downpours earlier in the week it was nice to have a break from the dreary wetness.

Altogether it was another nice day.
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